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Who's Who

Senior Leadership Team

Mr M Curtis


Mrs K Tookey

Head of KS1

Mrs L Saunders

Head of KS2 (M, T & W)

Mrs K McKenna

Head of Inclusion (M, T, Th & F)

Mr P Smith

School Business Manager

Teaching Staff

Mr M Craven

Class RC/EYFS Lead

Mrs K Dyer Class RD 

Mrs J King

Class 1K 

Mrs K Tookey

Class 1T

Mrs C Gough

Class 2G

Miss M Henry

Class 2HV

Miss A Venemore Class 2HV
Mrs J Bodimeade Class 3B
Mrs S Lawrence

Class 3L

Mr T Theedom

Class 4T

Miss H Lehane

Class 4L

Miss F Jaconelli

Class 5J

Miss H Mason

Class 5M

Mrs C Wilson

Class 6W

Mrs L Saunders

Support & Cover Teacher (M, T & W)
Mrs P Farmah Support & Cover Teacher (W, Th & F)
Mrs E Oladipo (Maternity Leave)  
Mrs T Saunders Miss M Fleming

Learning Support Assistants &/or Midday Assistants

Miss B Archer

Mrs J Brown

Mrs M Cooper Mrs S Crowhurst
Mrs T Cunnington

Mrs C Evans

Mrs R Hickman

Mrs M Hirst

Mrs S Hookins Mrs S Lartice
Mrs C Lea Mrs T Linard
Miss K Mullins Mrs G O'Grady

Miss K Parke

Mrs L Renew

Miss J Ringrose

Mrs J Rogers

Miss J Smith

Mrs C Steadman

Miss T Topp

Mrs G Vehit
Mrs E Webb  

Support Staff

Mrs M Ragon

Family Support Worker

Mr G Philpott

Sports Coach

Miss S Keaney Sports Coach

Mrs H Ayres

Admin & Finance Assistant

Mrs S Barnes

Finance & Admin Assistant

Mrs T Darnell

School Cook

Mr M Mandell

Site Manager

Mr C Harrington

Assistant Site Manager

Miss J Hiscock


Miss J Lynn


Miss T Topp