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Year 4

Year 4 have just launched a twitter account! Follow us for updates on what we have been up to in year 4 and for helpful hints and ideas during lockdown.



Year 4 Remote Working Timetable - January 2021






Guided Reading 

Keep Fit! 



Live Lesson on Microsoft Teams 


Live Lesson on Microsoft Teams  


Live Lesson on Microsoft Teams  

Reading and answering questions on our new book, Beowolf. See Microsoft Teams for details each day. 

Each day we will be suggesting a different way to keep fit. See Microsoft Teams for details each day. 



Live Lesson on Microsoft Teams 


Live Lesson on Microsoft Teams  


Live Lesson on Microsoft Teams 

Reading and answering questions on our new book, Beowolf. See Microsoft Teams for details each day. 

Each day we will be suggesting a different way to keep fit. See Microsoft Teams for details each day. 


Each of the Live Lessons will be on Microsoft Teams. Students should log on to Microsoft Teams 3 minutes before the start time of the lesson. It would be great if there was a pencil and paper handy to make notes. Then the work will be explained at the end of the lesson. 

Information about the Guided Reading and Keep Fit ideas will be posted on Microsoft Teams each day. 

Year 4 Remote Working Timetable January 2021 - PDF

Times Tables Rock Stars!

We love Times Tables Rock Stars in Year 4. Every child has a username and password for the website and they practice every week in class. It is a fantastic way to have fun, earn coins to spend on their avatar and to practice their multiplication tables. Every week we will set a challenge on TTRS to be completed by the start of the next week. Simply click on the link and ask your child to show you how it works!


Horrible Histories The Anglo Saxon Report

In Spring Term this year we are studying The Anglos-Saxons! How intriguing! There are lots of wonderful websites and videos online to support your child's' learning. None more absurd, informative and entertaining that the Horrible Histories series. Here is a brief summary of Anglos-Saxon Britain to whet your appetite.