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The Governing Body of Somers Heath Primary School have merged with Dilkes Academy to form Catalyst Local Governing Body 2.


Chair of Governors: Paul Fuller
Vice Chair of Governors:  Darren Walters

Parent Governor: Nyasha Gobekile, PARENT VACANCY
LGB Governor: Paul Fuller, Darren Walters, Nailah Helsop-Mears, Gillian Groenen
Staff Governors: Mrs K Cooney, Mr M Mulley

DA Headteacher: Mr R Latham

SH Headteacher: Mr M Curtis

Clerk: Miss B Doust, contact via email -


Areas of responsibility:

Safeguarding: N Heslop-Mears

Finance, HR & Premises: PARENT VACANCY 

Compliance: M Mulley 

School Development: G Groenen


Business and Pecuniary Interests of Members of Governing Bodies

The members of Somers Heath Primary School Local Governing Body are required to complete an annual Declaration of Business Interests. Copies of these declarations are withheld by the Clerk to the Governors and are inspected annually by the appointed Auditors. If there were any relevant Business and Pecuniary Interests these would be declared here on the website of Benyon Primary.


Somers Heath Primary School is part of Catalyst Academies Trust and documents relating to the Trust can be found here