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EYFS Reception & Nursery

Welcome to Early Years Foundation Stage! 

Here you will find everything you need to know about our Nursery and Reception classes. 

Happy New Year!  

To ensure that children’s learning continues at home over the next two weeks, please read the information and timetable provided (any changes will be announced on Tapestry). We are pleased to be able to conduct live lessons which will take place virtually using Office 365/Teams. This will allow teachers to conduct face to face online teaching. Login details for teams and Office 365 are the same as the logins provided for parent consultations. 

Each day we will be uploading videos onto Teams and Tapestry with a video of the learning we will be focussing on that day. There will be a video for phonics, maths and English. I have highlighted when the teachers will be live on Teams, any other videos will be on Tapestry. Work will be set day by day and it is expected that all pupils complete the work set on each day. You can upload pictures of work and add comments on Tapestry.  

Please speak to your teachers if you are unsure how to do this -  

It is expected that all pupils will attend online lessons with their teachers to receive the teaching input and then complete tasks afterwards. Please ensure all pupil’s cameras are turned on so we can register their attendance. If your child has any technical issues accessing the work or the online lessons, please contact the school immediately and we will endeavour to resolve any issues.   


Reception Timetable (Starting: 6th January 2020)  

9:00  Welcome! Log into teams so you are ready to join the live lesson. Welcome to home learning. Please ensure all pupil’s cameras are turned on so we can register their attendance. Wake up! Shake up!  

9:15 Phonics -  Video link will be on Tapestry.    

9:45 English - (this will be uploaded onto Tapestry) Please upload work onto Tapestry. 

10:15 Imaginative play - Children’s choice of activity. Can they do something crafty? Can they create a story with their toys? Can they sing a song?  

11:15 Reading time - Story will be provided (this works on laptops). Or you can read a story that you already have. You can also sign up for oxford reading owl for free ebooks.  

12:30 Maths - (this will be uploaded onto Tapestry) Please upload work onto Tapestry.  

1:00 Numbots – You can compete the tasks in the groups that will get progressively harder. The teachers will monitor and send out certificates online. Please see the tapestry message for your log in details.  

1:20 Activities – You can use the suggested list on tapestry.  

1:50 Imaginative play -  Children’s choice of activity. Can they practise their counting? Can they count in their independent 

2:30 Story Time - Log into teams so you are ready to join the live lesson. Listen to a story from EYFS staff.  


Nursery - Families with children in Nursery should log onto Tapestry daily.  There will be new videos uploaded every day with activities.  We cannot wait to see pictures of the results.


Thank you for your continued support, looking forward to seeing everyone again on Teams. 

EYFS Team 😊  

Vision Statement 

Our vision for Early Years is to create an inclusive environment that sets the foundations of all learning through play and high quality opportunities, whilst respecting children’s cultures and celebrating diversity.

Meet the Staff




Welcome to Somers Heath Reception 2021

An introduction to Somers Heath Primary School for potential parents whose children will start Reception in September 2021


In EYFS, we teach through a combination of play, child led and adult lead learning following the national guidance "Development Matters". The 7 areas of development are:


  • Communication and Language (Speaking, Listening and Understanding)

  • Physical (Self care and Movement)

  • Personal, Social and Emotional (Behaviour and Making relationships)

  • Literacy (Reading and Writing)

  • Mathematics (Shape and Number)

  • Understanding the World (Science, Technology, Religion)

  • Expressive Arts and Design (Art, Music and Dance)


At Somers Heath, we have a different focus topic each half term to inspire, intrigue and excite our children, while giving them the opportunities they need to develop and learn. Have a look at our topics below! 

New starters Information - September 2020