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Summer 1

WB: 12.4.21 Find some interesting leaves and make rubbings of them using crayons. Can you describe the shapes and patterns you see?


WB: 19.4.21 Keep a food diary over the weekend. Can you write the about what part of your food grows in the ground? Can you write about the food that comes from animals? Does any of the food you have eaten come from anywhere else?


WB: 26.4.21 Ladybird doubling sheet.


WB: 3.5.21 Can you make a healthy meal with your family? Write down the ingredients you need and simple instructions about how to make the dish.


WB: 10.5.21 Using a dice make up addition number calculations which you can record in your homework book. Solve the calculations using objects or a number line by counting on.


WB: 17.5.21 Growing up time line. Can you order the pictures and write a sentence about each stage shown?


WB: 24.5.21 Sequence the life cycle of a flower. Can you label the pictures? For example: seed, stem, leaf, flower, soil, roots.