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Spring 2

WB: 22.2.21 Write 10 adjectives about the dinosaur in this picture (include a picture of a dinosaur).


WB: 1.3.21 Some T-Rex’s were 6m tall.  Measure your family with a tape measure or with a piece of string.  Write down how tall they are in metres and order them from tallest to shortest. 


WB: 8.3.21 Create your own dinosaur. Draw and label it. For example: head, teeth, arms, tail, legs.


WB: 15.3.21 Draw a picture of a dinosaur using 2D shapes. Can you name all the shapes that you used?


WB: 22.3.21 Choose a dinosaur and write five fascinating facts about that dinosaur in a fact file. We will copy these and make a class information book about dinosaurs.