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Spring 1

WB: 4.1.21 Go on a walk with your family.  Can you find sticks of different lengths. When you get home can you put the sticks into length order?  You can draw round them in your book.


WB: 11.1.21 Make an explorer den in your house or garden. Imagine you are an explorer! Take photos, or draw pictures, and write some sentences about your adventure. For example: “I went to the …" “I saw a …"


WB: 18.1.21 Become a wildlife explorer and make a list of the animals and insects you find in your garden or the park. If you do not find any make a list of the animals you think you would have seen. Make a tally of all the animals you find. Write the number next to the animal/insects. For example: Spider III 3.


WB: 25.1.21 Bring a picture in of a place you have explored (this can be in England or in a different country). Write about what you did there.


WB: 1.2.21 Make a Chinese dragon using the provided resources to bring to school for a dragon dance next week.


WB: 8.2.21 (Stick in a basic maze) Can you help the explore escape from the maze.  Using your directions and knowledge of positional language (under, above, beside etc) can you write the directions for the explorer.  We will look at this in class all together.