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Autumn 2

WB: 2.11.20 Discuss with your family about people who help us. Can you make a list of people who help us? For example: Firefighters, police, dentists. We will share these lists with our friends in class.


WB: 9.11.20 Numicon addition sheet.


WB: 16.11.20 Learn your address and practice what you would say if you were ever in an emergency and had to call 999. You could write in your book “I live at number __”


WB: 23.11.20 Draw a picture and write a small caption about someone who helps us and how they help. Has there been a time when you have helped someone? Can you tell us about it?


WB: 30.11.20 Create your own emergency vehicle. Think about its features – sirens, hosepipes/ladders, colour? Draw a plan of your vehicle and then make it using boxes and other things you find around the house. Think about the shapes you used to make your vehicle. Can you describe the shape to a family member?


WB: 7.12.20 Using the pictures from the nativity story, sequence the story.


WB: 14.12.20 Choose someone who helped you in some way and make them a Christmas card thanking them for what they did.