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Autumn 1


WB: 7.9.20 Draw a picture of yourself. Think about the colour of your hair and eyes and colour it in.

Can you write your name under it?


WB: 14.9.20 Write numbers to 10, and then to 20. Can you draw a picture next to each number to show many it represents? For example: 3 😊 😊 😊  


WB: 21.9.20 Draw a picture that shows all the people who are important to you. Can you label this picture? 

For example: mum, dad, brother, sister, Grandma, Grandad.


WB: 28.9.20 Draw some shapes that you know. Can you label your shapes? Can you write how many sides it has?

For example: Square, four sides. 


WB: 5.10.20 Draw something that you makes you unique. Can you dance/sing/swim? Write a short caption about something you do that makes you special. For example: “I can …" 


WB: 12.10.20 Draw round your family's hands in order from smallest to largest. You could do this separate paper, cut it out and stick it in, or draw straight into this book.


WB: 19.10.20 Talk to someone at home about what you would like to do when you grow up. Try and find out a little more about it by talking to people who know about working in the role, from a book or looking on the internet.